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Jane DiLucchio

Meet Author Jane DiLucchio
Mystery Writer

Jane DiLucchio is the author of two humorous, Southern California-based cozy mystery series: Diega DelValle and Kate Matthews. A late-bloomer when it comes to writing, Jane spent many years as an educator, massage therapist, and backyard farmer before giving in to the little voices that kept sounding off in her head.

Jane had a choice - try to convince everyone that the voices were real or write them down and tell everyone it's fiction. Rather than undergo years of intensive therapy, she decided to become a writer. She has been following that muse for over fifteen years.

When not writing, Jane can be found digging in the garden, giving a massage, traveling the world, cooking, drinking wine, or reading with a cat in her lap. For the money-making portion of her life, she is a professor at a community college. She and her partner are the proud servants of two cats.

Jane DiLucchio's books are available in print and ebook formats worldwide!